Cafe Kitty: A Review in Layman’s Terms

At Cafe Kitty, right in the heart of London’s Soho, things are buzzing. But not for the reasons you might think. The lights around belong to the Mood Sex Shop nearby, spelling out some intense stuff. That’s not my scene for now; I’m more interested in what’s on the menu here—devilled eggs and buffalo chicken with stilton dressing. That’s the kind of excitement I’m after!

Soho: Then and Now

Sure, the old Soho with its quirky characters and shady tales was something. But let’s not romanticize it too much. With the seedy stuff gone, it’s actually better now. Even with new buildings popping up, Soho’s still alive with cool bars and innovative eateries.

The Café’s Vibe

Cafe Kitty, located in the Boulevard Theatre, is all moody with deep blue banquettes and salmon-pink walls. Feels like a modern take on a Parisian brasserie. Plus, they’ve got a worn-out piano—I’m sold on any place with live music.

The Food Game

Run by the folks behind Kitty Fisher’s and Cora Pearl, this joint serves small plates. Yeah, some folks find it a bit chaotic, but the food is top-notch. Devilled eggs, a legit Caesar salad, and crispy potatoes that will rock your world.

More Than Just Small Plates

But it’s not just about nibbles. There’s a tasty tarte Tatin with squash and caramelised onions, trout gravadlax, and crispy battered chicken that’s got a spicy buffalo sauce to die for. Even the “Very Welsh” rarebit tries to pack a punch.

The Overall Vibe

Café Kitty’s tucked away yet feels right in the middle of the action. It’s Soho, after all—bright lights, good drinks, and a whole lot of charm. Try their Bad Kitty cocktail or maybe a boozy knickerbocker glory to cap off your night. And hey, catch a show while you’re here. That’s what Soho’s all about!

News Tidbits

Giving Back

Let’s talk about things that matter. The Food Chain, a charity supporting those with HIV, has been doing amazing work for 35 years. They could use a hand, so donations are always welcome. Then there’s Well Grounded, helping folks facing work barriers get into the coffee industry—support their cause if you can. And a shoutout to Sean Wilson, actor, painter, and cheese-maker, who just released a book called Jazz Food. Cool, right?

So, if you’re around Soho, Cafe Kitty is definitely a spot to check out. And hey, lend a hand to those doing good in the community, yeah?