This year has flown by for us. It has officially been two years since we quit our regular jobs and started Monkey Butter PB! For those of you who don't know us, we are sisters Kathleen & Gillian. We work in a shared commercial kitchen space in East Vancouver and we develop and produce all the peanut butter we sell. We have three hard-working machines: a peanut grinder, a jumbo-sized food processor and a recently acquired filling machines (thanks Mom and Dad). All these machines plus all our supplies fit in about a 150 sq ft space! This past February we signed on with a small distributor and now you can find Monkey Butter PB all over the province of BC! Our goal for 2013 is to get Canada-wide distribution. And then we are coming for you, America!

Before I get into our upcoming holiday shows and new feature flavours, I would like to bring attention to the fact that tomorrow, October 7, 2013 is the first International
Trigeminal Neuralgia Day. Gillian, the younger sister, suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia - TN. TN is a nerve disorder of unknown origin that causes sudden shock-like facial
pains, typically near the nose, lips, eyes or ears. It is said to be the most
excruciatingly painful human condition in the world. Awareness is the first
step towards beating this horrible illness. For more information in Trigeminal
Neuralgia, please visit

We have a number of upcoming events:

Fort Langley Cranberry Festival – October 12 10am – 4pm Downtown Fort Langley

Circle Craft Vancouver – November 7 – 11 Vancouver Convention Centre

Make It Edmonton – November 21 – 24 The Enjoy Centre St. Albert

One of a Kind Show Toronto – November 28 – December 8 Direct Energy Centre

Our upcoming Feature Flavours will be Pumpkin Spice PB and Cranberry Orange PB for the fall and Chocolate Mint PB, Oatmeal Raisin PB and the return of Gingerbread PB! All
these flavours will be on the website soon!